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Perry Brain Keeps Farting; Romney Bound for Big Iowa Win

Last updated on 2011.12.26

A certain member of my household needed to reload on Bob the Builder and frog DVDs, so I missed tonight's GOP presidential candidates' pageant.

I thus missed the end of the Rick Perry campaign:

Rick Perry: I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, Education, and the -- What's the third one there? Let's see....

I have had freshmen who did not study bluff their way through oral quizzes better than Perry just did.

The Iowa caucus is 55 days away. My new Iowa prediction (new? this might be my first):

  • Romney: 44%
  • Paul: 16%
  • Gingrich: 10%
  • Bachmann: 10%
  • Hunstman: 6%
  • Cain: 5%
  • Santorum: 5%
  • Perry: 4%


  1. Bill Fleming 2011.11.10


  2. larry kurtz 2011.11.10

    Agriculture, Governor. Then put the Forest Service into the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.11.10

    Wait a minute, Larry: you just made me realize Perry was engaging in some old-fashioned teacher trickery! He deliberately left out the third one so that he could get all of us kids to try thinking of what the third one should be! It's a crowd-sourcing brainstorm!

  4. Douglas Wiken 2011.11.10

    Then put the Forest Service into the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    Yah sure, that would be a bit like putting control of brain surgery in the hands of preschoolers.

  5. larry kurtz 2011.11.10

    The Forest Service is profoundly broken, Doug. Moving it to BIA empowers Natives and protects it from the earth haters' lobby that has broken it.

  6. LK 2011.11.10

    I don't think Rick Perry's implosion will matter. Jan Brewer had a similar moment and won the governorship in AZ. Cain gets beat up by conservatives like this writer in Commentary and still wins a SD straw poll.

    The Republicans are not a party right now. They're a mob determined to oust Obama from the White House at all costs.

    I would love to hear more from Huntsman. He seems to have an ethos and the ability to speak logically. Some say he's a bit egotistical, but I'll take that flaww over crass and angry every time.

    I think Troy Jones joked about the Republican establishment's failure to produce a candidate on some other thread, but damn, don't the adults in the room have to shut up the rowdy kids or admit they have lost control?I

  7. Lauri 2011.11.10

    Gotta give the guy props for being able to laugh at himself, something rare for a politician.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.11.10

    Absolutely, Lauri. I'll gladly credit a man for being able to laugh at his faults. But we're at a job interview, not the bar. When I make mistakes in a job interview, I don't win the job by laughing at my mistakes. I win the job by not making mistakes.

  9. mike 2011.11.10

    I'll be pulling the lever for Newt Gingrich in the primary.

    I see Cain dropping to about 20% and maintaining Romney going to about 23% and Gingrich becoming the frontrunner around 30% in a couple weeks.

    Gingrich and Cain are going to join forces to stop Romney and Santorum will be the mean attack dog who goes at Romney and Cain until he drops out.

    Gingrich and Romney are by far the best options right now...

  10. packeryman 2011.11.12

    Romney is the only candidate that can carry Independents an even have a chance of winning.The others are supported by the religious right and or tea bagging fools, we know these flat earth folks are going nowhere. The Dem's sat on their rear and did not go to the polls in 2010, this chaos created by the tea baggers and governors supported by the Koch brothers would have never happened had the Dem's and Independents gone to the polls. With the good news that took place in Ohio this week(repeal of anti union legislation)Hopefully the middle class of America is beginning to wake up. You are now aware that the Republicans are out to destroy SS/Medicare and all social safety net programs.They voted against them since their inception, they despise them, remember their spin is that they are saving them for future generations B.S., talk to some of them, they would cut every program in the country except those that feed the military machine. They would cut out several departments of government that help keep corporate from the rape and pillage of the middle class.These people with their reactionary political ideology would continue destroying the middle class and we would go into a severe depression. Back to Rick Perry, he should be toast but he could possibly rise again because of the insanity that exists in the far right of the GOP.Perry has looked like a fool in the debates, then his on stage drunken/drugged? performance in New Hampshire that went around the world on You Tube, embarrassed the GOP, now in the Michigan debate his mental lapse you would think he would have stepped out of the race, but we forget he came in with 17 million and the support of corporate owned news media. They were going to create great theater between he and Romney but Perry fizzled. They are still trying to resurrect him. Perry is always talking about jobs. Texas rates 48th in the country in hourly wage rate, we are equal to Mississippi percentage wise of those making minimum wage and they are on the bottom.

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