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Daugaard Stumping for Tom Nelson in Spearfish Tuesday, May 22

Last updated on 2012.05.30

We generally expect Republican and Democratic party officials to avoid endorsing candidates in the primaries. South Dakota GOP bosses were careful not to speak up for Mitt Romney until his main challengers quit.

SDGOP by-laws Section 3.1.A.51 make Governor Dennis Daugaard a party official on the State Executive Board. Governor Dennis Daugaard is coming to Spearfish next week...

Pre-Primary Reception for Senator Tom Nelson, with special guest Governor Dennis Daugaard, Spearfish, May 22, 2012 endorse Senator Tom Nelson for re-election.

O.K., o.k., the ad on page 7 of Friday's Black Hills Pioneer doesn't say the Governor is actually endorsing Senator Nelson. And it certainly doesn't say that this campaign stop has anything to do Senator Nelson's water-carrying* for House Bill 1234, the Governor's embattled education reform package which faces a likely referendum this fall.

Senator Nelson's campaign calendar says this reception at the offices of Tom Brady and Dick Pluimer, 135 Colorado Blvd., in Spearfish, is "for the GOP Primary, but everyone is welcome." I wonder if that includes Nelson's fellow incumbent campaigner Rep. Fred Romkema, who joined six other Republican House members in changing his mind and voting against HB 1234 at the end of the Legislative session.

I also wonder if that includes bloggers. I better make sure I finish grading those French exams! I love GOP hors d'oeuvres.

*See Nelson on HB 1234:

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  1. Nick Nemec 2012.05.19

    I'm sure it's open to anyone willing to pay the admission fee.

  2. larry kurtz 2012.05.19

    That photo makes Denny and Tommy look like poster boys for South Dakota's branch of the Log Cabin Republicans.

  3. Jack Anderson 2012.05.19

    Gee, I wonder if "Prince Denny" will deign to do a "meet and greet" with some of the other GOP primary hopefuls who don't necessarily fancy themselves as one of his "minions" ?

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