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Bosworth Patient Says No Petitions Circulated Early; Felony Oath-Breaking Unaffected

Last updated on 2014.06.26

Patient and campaign donor Rick Bandy of Sioux Falls makes this video to add to the Annette Bosworth smokescreen:

First, let me ask: is there anyone who has not been Dr. Bosworth's patient or campaign worker who has spoken up for Bosworth?

Second, let's look at why Bandy's story is news and why it isn't. Bandy is responding a story I published on May 28 and on which Shad Olson of KNBN News followed up on June 4 reporting an eyewitness's statement that Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber circulated nominating petition sheets on Christmas Eve, 8 days before the legal starting time, at a Hutterite colony south of Plankinton. Bandy confirms the odd story that Dr. Bosworth hauled two of her patients across the state with her to visit a Hutterite colony and to sleep over and spend Christmas at her parents' house near Plankinton. But Bandy contradicts the petition story that his fellow patient has told: Bandy says he saw no petition sheets handed out at the colony on Christmas Eve.

Bandy's statement is news because we now have two eyewitnesses saying opposite things, meaning one of them is lying. I have a call in to my source and await that source's response.

Bandy's statement is not news, however, in the way Bandy and Bosworth want it to be. The allegation of early petition circulation has nothing to do with the big news, the twelve felony charges against Bosworth for violating her circulator's oath. Neither does Bandy's praise of Bosworth's medical skills and character. Neither does Bandy's statement that the Attorney General and the Division of Criminal Investigation did not speak with Bandy during the April and May investigation that led to those twelve felony charges, since those charges have nothing to do with Bosworth's strange Christmas Eve trip.

The only connection Bandy has to the false-oath charges against Bosworth is the fact that his name appears as signature #1, dated January 1, 2014, on Bosworth petition sheet #207, which includes two signatures, dated January 5 and January 7, that Bosworth swore she witnessed but could not have witnessed because her the signers where signing in South Dakota while she was on her trip to the Philippines. That coincidence of signatures does indicate that Bandy would have any material knowledge of the fraud Bosworth subsequently committed in signing the circulator's oath on that petition sheet and leads to no expectation that the DCI would need to contact Bandy in building a case pertaining to the charges at hand.

Yet Rick Bandy testifies in this video as if his statement calls into question the DCI's investigation and the Attorney General's felony charges against Annette Bosworth. Bandy's statement does no such thing. Bandy's statement does call into question a separate report of possible lawbreaking by Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber. It means that if AG Jackley brings additional charges of violating election law by circulating petitions early, Bandy will become a star witness for the defense. But Bandy is arguing a case that is not before the court. Neither Bandy nor any other patient or paid helper nor Bosworth herself has challenged this one simple, damning fact: Bosworth swore that she witnessed signatures that she in fact did not witness. That false oath is why Bosworth faces twelve felony charges.

Update 2014.06.25 15:08 CDT: Annette Bosworth's poor mother makes a video saying pretty much the same thing Rick Bandy says above... and having the same legal bearing—nil—on the felony charges Bosworth faces.

Update 2014.06.26 11:29 CDT: Even worse, Lee Stranahan throws poor Rose on camera again to recapitulate mere hearsay about Joel Arends.

Rose Bosworth contends that she heard from some unnamed source that Joel Arends gave Annette Bosworth advice that led Annette to perjure herself.

  1. Counsel shouts "Objection!" and the judge replies, "Sustained!" 20 seconds in, when Rose says, "This is what I have heard." In the courtroom, not one word of this hearsay will make the record.
  2. Advice or no, Annette still signed the oath. Annette still committed perjury.
  3. Rose traps her daughter in contradiction. In the previous video, she says Annette knew election law well enough to decline to leave petition sheets with Rose before January 1. Yet blaming Arends requires assuming that Annette could not read the circulator's oath printed on every sheet she was signing well enough to recognize that she could not sign the circulator's oath on sheets that bore signatures placed on those sheets outside of her presence.


  1. grainofsalt 2014.06.14

    Rick "Blinky" Bandy looked a little nervous, I thought. I wonder if taking patients home for Christmas crosses any kind of ethics boundaries that the SDBMOE might not look kindly at. (Mom, look what followed me home for Christmas) My other concern with medical ethics was that petition at her office. If I had been a patient of hers and was asked to sign her petition, I would have felt obligated to, or else my doctor would know. That's pressuring patients.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.15

    Hang on, Deb: that story from the Miller paper quotes DCI agent Gortmaker's affidavit, which was filed with the charges on June 3. Gortmaker is talking about a statement from a resident of the Millerdale Colony. Bandy is talking about a visit to a colony south of Plankinton, which from the looks of the names and addresses on the petitions is the Lakeview Colony, near Lake Andes. DCI agent Gortmaker says nothing about early circulation of petitions at Millerdale or Lakeview, just Bosworth's failure to witness signatures. Nothing Bandy is saying for Boz in this video contradicts anything in Gortmaker's affidavit, including what's quoted in the Miller paper.

  3. WestRiver 2014.06.15


    You are correct, there were two different colonies. The first was one south of Plankinton where the eyewitnesses accompanied her. The second is one that Chanette sent the petitions to and the colony members signed them and sent them back, which of course means there was no witnessing of signatures. None of which means anything toward her 12 felony counts unless Mr. Jackley is also preparing for a 2nd charge. (Please, keep em' coming).
    Mr. Bandy has been a supporter of Dr. Bosworth's and a patient for years; he is listed as one of the very few South Dakotans who financially supported her campaign as well, a few times. He also was a volunteer (possibly he was paid-but until there is proof that Chanette pays anyone I would dispute this claim) for her campaign.
    He is a very easily swayed individual. I know of people who have heard Dr. Bosworth talk very unkindly about him, as he tends to need psychological help often and is one of her depression TMS patients that is on her website for the use of the machine to combat depression. He has been 'rescued' by Dr. Bosworth quite a few times as well; this is not the first time that he has accompanied her for holidays or other events.
    Dr. Bosworth is well-known for her tendency to cross the line ethically with her patients. I have spoken with Dr.'s, counselors, and nurses, and know first hand that this is extremely inappropriate behavior and can border on severe HIPPA violations; the problem is, Mr. Bandy has made the decision to cross the line himself and a patient can determine their relationship with their physician but it's up to the physician to make sure that the patient knows the boundaries of their relationship. I am going to make a few calls and see exactly what the boundaries are that are expected from the SDBMOE.
    I think it is important to note that although Mr. Stranahan thinks he is smart, I am sure that Mr. Jackley is 100X (note the sarcasm) smarter than he is. First of all, I think Mr. Jackley has more than two questions in his repertoire, how many times did Mr. Stranahan ask the same two questions?? Secondly, I believe that if Mr. Jackley has one witness to attest to the signing of petition sheets before January 1st then, he has probably spoken to at least 10's of others to testify as well; he is too smart and savvy to have just ONE witness to attest to the facts.
    All of this is just bogus junk from a man who himself declares he has known Annette Bosworth for a month and that he is 'pro bono like Cher in the 1960's.' Yes, he did actually say that. I will agree with him on one thing though, I can't wait for the truth to come out; but, we have two different perspectives on that. Stranahan's truth is the one that all of the 'we use to support Chanette until we found out the truth' used to fall for and thinks that her rewritten history is fact. Sigh, another victim to add to the list; but, maybe he will be unlike the others and make a little money from the time and energy that he's wasting and can screw them right back. From my, (and many others) perspective, we can't wait til the circus is over, the trial(s) are over, and for Chanette to be out of the spotlight and finished with the victimization of any other people.

  4. ck 2014.06.15

    So who is doing the "interview?"

  5. Lynn 2014.06.15

    ck The interviewer was Lee Pornahan err Stranahan. Lee's online history appears to have much in common with Bosworth/Haber.

  6. Rocky Racoon 2014.06.15

    I just gotta say, there is a familiar legal quip: "Anyone who represents themselves in court has an idiot for a lawyer."

    Which brings me to my real comment: who in the hell is this Lee Stranahan douchebag? Where did he come from (Texas?) and WHY is he here. Does he think, through ham-fisted videos like this, that he is going to try this case on Facebook and YouTube before it ever gets to court? I have never seen a public figure have a spokesman so damaging to their cause! Everything the guy does seems to be counter intuitive. On the day the Doc was arrested, he prodded her on camera to talk about the case despite the advice of her lawyer. At the next presser, he arranges for a 20 pound stack of paper to be slammed down on the desk in front of the press and then proceed to tell the press they weren't allowed to look at them due to HIPAA laws. WHY BRING THEM OUT THEN?! To break the record for "least climactic moment at a press conference ever?".

    If there truly is anyone out there who sincerely supports Annette, they would be doing everything in their power to get this clown-shoe on the next train to Clarksville and as far away from here as possible.

    She thinks Jackley has damaged her? He doesn't hold a candle to Karl Rove, Jr. here.


  7. Lynn 2014.06.15

    Rocky Racoon One of Lee's many admirers posted this on youtube.

    If you look up Lee Stranahan scammer or porn there are plenty of pick from on the net.

    Birds of a feather flock together

  8. Rocky Racoon 2014.06.15

    Ohhhhhh...he's a Brietbart disciple. That explains EVERYTHING.

  9. Curt 2014.06.15

    ... one small correction - Shad Olson (former emcee of local Tea Bagger gatherings) is currently employed at KNBN - not KEVN.

  10. Rocky Racoon 2014.06.15

    BTW...I'm going to stop calling Lee "Karl Rove, Jr.", because it's kind of an insult to Karl Rove. Karl may be 99.99999% pure distilled evil, but he's not stupid.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.16

    Whoops! Thanks, Curt! Correction made... and my apologies to KEVN.

  12. SDBlue 2014.06.25

    Did I hear that correctly? Her mother said she could circulate petitions for her daughter "here". Annette said, no mom, not until after January 1st. Did her mother just admit to illegally circulating petitions for her daughter?

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.25

    Rose Bosworth says she offered to take petition sheets from her at their Christmas gathering; Rose then claims that Annette told her that was illegal.

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